Frequently asked questions?

What will I need to bring with me to Special Collections?

All you will need to do is provide some proof of identity, which includes your signature and ideally your photograph.

Can I borrow items from Special Collections to use at home?

No.  All of the material held at Special Collections is for reference use only.

Do you have photocopying facilities and is there a limit to what I can copy?

Photocopies can be made at the discretion of Special Collections staff.  Conservation and copyright considerations will be taken into account before granting any requests.

Do you have refreshment facilities?

There is a café located in the foyer of the Murray Library.

Can I use a digital camera?

Digital cameras can be used at the discretion of Special Collections staff.

How do I access Special Collections?

Currently Special Collections can be accessed via the online catalogue available at, either using your own computer at home or usng the pc’s available in the Special Collections reading room.

Is any of the Special Collections material digitised and available to view via a computer?

Currently non of our Special Collections are digitised, they can therefore only be consulted at Special Collections in the Murray Library.  However there are plans to digitise items in the future.

How do I find out about a specific document or item which may be held within Special Collections?

You can search our online catalogue, alternatively you can contact Special Collections via the online enquiry form and staff will carry out a preliminary search for you.

Can I request that materials are found for me in advance of a visit?

Yes – if you wish to view a particular item – please supply us with the reference number of the item preferably when you book on appointment.

Can items be taken out of Special Collections to be used in the library?

Due to the unique character of the material in Special Collections, this material can only be viewed   in the Special Collections Reading Room.  There are lockers available for your personal belongings and ample facilities available with the reading room for consulting material.

Can I search for Special Collection items via the library catalogue?

At the moment you have to carry out separate searches for library books on the library catalogue and for archive material on the Special Collections catalogue.  There are plans to eventually link the two catalogues and to have cross searching facilities.

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