General Search Tips

  • To undertake a new search at any point, select the ‘Search’ button from the menu on the top of the right hand corner of the screen.  If your search is successful, you will be presented with a list of records matching your search terms.  The records are displayed in reference order number.
  • To move backwards though your search, use the arrow button at the top of the list of results.
  • The search screen is not case specific, so you don’t need to use capital letters.
  • Records relating to people will most easily be found by searching on the surname. In the process of cataloguing we have aimed to provide full names wherever possible.
  • Place names often vary in spelling or have changed over time. In the process of cataloguing we have aimed to provide place names as they appear in the contemporary document, in addition to modern forms. We have also tried to include common variants. If your initial search is unsuccessful, you may need to try searching on known variations of a place name.
  • Using a ‘wild card’ asterisk will have the effect of broadening your search, for example a search on ‘min*’, will find records containing ‘minutes’, ‘mining’, ‘mines’, etc.


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